Friday, January 28, 2011

One of the BEST PTC sites I've Found, So Far

We have discussed Onbux and Good Karma Clicks. Today, as my third pick for "Favorite Sites," let's visit Infinitybux.

I joined Infinitybux on January 7, 2011. I purchased my first referrals on January 13, 2011, then again on the 20th, and lastly, on the 26th. These purchases have resulted in a combined total of 42 referrals, so far.

Infinitybux is unique in the PTCs I have joined this month, in that when you rent referrals, they are converted to direct referrals. This is very cool....No extending or recycling required.

I upgraded to "Elite" to get the following benefits:

Elite Members: (1 yr $89.95)
Per click:100% of click value
Per referral click:100% of click value
Minimum payout: $1.00
Referral ad purchase:20%
Referral upgrade:$7.50 Commission
Maximum Referrals:Unlimited

I have received one payout of $2.17, and am currently accumulating about $1 a day from this site.

I realize I have very limited data from such a short history, but it is one of my favorite sites at the moment. It is easy to use and as an added bonus, the admin has responded quickly, and thoughtfully, to any questions I have had.

I recommend that you join me at Infinitybux where you'll find me happily clickin' for pennies and collectin' dollars!