Make $$$$$$$ with PTC sites

A Basic Strategy to Increase Earnings in PTC sites

1.        Choose a specific time of day that you will be available to click ads and manage your account.  This doesn’t take very much time, but you must be committed to clicking every day in order to achieve the most success.
2.       Click ALL of the available ads everyday!  This is necessary if you are to earn from the clicks of your referrals.

3.       Use every method available to advertise for referrals.  Some possibilities are forums, traffic exchanges, solo ads, text ads, banner ads and other PTC sites.

4.       Continue to click every day until you reach a balance that is 3x the minimum referral pack.  Rent these referrals.  It is important to maintain a balance in your account to recycle and extend your referrals.

5.       If there is an autopay feature, use it….This will reduce the cost of extending the referral.

6.        When you get an active referral that clicks everyday it may be beneficial to extend them.  If a referral does not click for 3 days, recycle them and get a new one.

7.       Keep clicking everyday and build-up your balance until you have enough to rent more referrals.   Rent as many referrals as one-third of your balance will allow, as often as the site will allow, until you reach the maximum amount of referrals.

8.       Be patient and diligent.  This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  Building and maintaining a business takes time.

.     Upgrading your account will speed up the process.  After you have rented about 500 referrals start saving your balance for an upgrade.

9.       Continue clicking ALL of the ads every day, while maintaining rented referrals and advertising for direct referrals. 

10   Request a payout for any balance not necessary to grow and maintain your business.