Monday, February 14, 2011

The More the Merrier

The more the merrier.....
When it comes to referrals never a truer statement was written. Referrals are the lifeblood of PTC programs and the key to increasing the income potential of any Paid-to-Click site.

While I am learning the methods and skills necessary to attract personal (or direct) referrals, I am renting referrals whenever they are available and within the constraints of the individual programs.

This has allowed me to greatly increase my earnings in each of the sites. It may seem counter-intuitive to pay a fee to make more money, but it really is worth it. The referrals are comparable to the employees of a traditional business. Alone, I am able to click 4-10 clicks per day per site....With the help of the referrals, I am currently credited for 200-800 clicks per day, per site....depending on the number of referrals I have in any given site. The downside to rented referrals is that most sites have a limit to the number allowed to any one account.

On the other hand, most sites do not have limits on the number of direct referrals one can have....So to continue to increase earnings, it is necessary to attract direct referrals.

I am proud to report that I have had my best week yet as far as personal referrals are concerned. I have added 5 direct referrals to Vynbux, 4 direct referrals to Good Karma Clicks, 3 direct referrals in the new Site Explosion Manual Traffic Exchange, and 6 direct referrals in the new Click Track Profit program and last, but not least, I have 6 new subscribers in my autoresponder.

Things are definitely moving in the right direction...

Clickin' for Pennies is simple to do....Collectin' $$$$$ makes it all worthwhile.